The concept of an online accountant shows how quickly technology is improving the choices of people in need of accounting services. However, the definition of this type of professional depends on whose opinion is being sampled.

Many accountants have an online presence today, as the advantages are many. The communication and information power of the internet have proved unavoidable and email has become the dominant form of communication for businesses, including communication with their clients. Many accountants deliver accounts and reports to clients by email and consider themselves to be operating online. While this is true to a limited extent, an online accountant actually means an accountant whose services are entirely premised, marketed, performed and delivered online.

It means that the accounting package and actual entries into the books of accounts are woven and performed as part of a comprehensive online service. It is a much more than using email to send accounts or being able to file accounts online. It is putting the cheap resources of the internet to the best use securely.

They use the power and cost saving ability of the internet to simplify accounting and related tasks to make the lives of customers really easy. These days, newer, better and cheaper methods for saving cost such as limiting the amount of office space used to the most essential needs is one of the ways that businesses stay profitable. Others include reducing the use of office stationery such as especially paper, printing ink, printer maintenance etc, using shared services instead of costly dedicated personnel such as accountants and administrative staff and other associated staff costs like pensions and insurance are ways that smart businesses are keeping their costs down and in these difficult times.

The services of a real online accountant can be looked at as a shared services accounting department for companies serious about minimising cost. The truth is that the businessperson simply wants to get on with the main business while ensuring important support services like accounting, tax and administration are well taken care of.

They provide services based on time required for each customer. This means that he is a part-time accountant for each client, but a full-time accountant for all clients. The online account is a highly skilled and efficient accountant available to companies that will usually not be able to afford the service, but can now afford it because of the online model. They use the best of online accounting software that customers can safely and efficiently access to deliver service centre solution that meets business needs.

The emergence of this group of professionals means that businesses can outsource their accounts department except sensitive aspects such as bank payments and collection and processing of cheques. At the same time, businesses can log into their online accounts to see what is going on at anytime and from any location. This means that unlike the regular nine-to-five accountant, he is a 24-hour accountant. With this unlimited access, business customers are empowered because they are more aware of debtors or receivables, creditors or payables and other important reports.

Finally it is important that customers retaining their services observe the usually strong online services security guidelines and also take advantage of other complementary services that keep them informed of important tax and accounting developments.